Friday, December 31, 2010

Questioning length of books.

So I'm just looking at most of these books that are available on ebook and mine is a lot longer than most that I found and most that I have purchased on my own. Because of the lengthof my book, I was basically forced to put it at a higher price, which is still a decent price at only 2.99 but now i am questioning if its too much for my first book.

Recently I met a person who told me not to worry about all these things, that I should just put out the best work I can, and i feel like I did that. But I am worried now (maybe because its just in my nature to do so) because this entire process has been thrilling to me, but now its just nerve wrecking. I find myself constantly thinking about how its going, how its doing. And I am fighting the urge to check my book status like every 5 mins.

Im starting other projects and that helps me keep my mind off it, but its getting really hard to just try not to freak out. Im wondering now if other writers had these first book jitters. And if so, does it every go away??

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get 10% off Revitalized...for a limited time!!!

So as a way to try to help myself i guess convince people buy i have decided to give a coupon... the book is 2.99 so i figured 10% of is pretty good.

If you want the discounted rate, just follow the link below and enter the coupon code:

Promotional price: $2.69
Coupon Code: TD74H
Expires: January 30, 2011

My First book cover!!! Revitalized.

I am so excited about doing nerves are on an all time high now, but I amd feeling really good about this. I already have people asking me about it, mostly friends and family, but they are spreading the word for me. And I will also be able to put and excerpt in the JFY newsletter so thats pretty awesome. Just have to figure out which piece to put lol.

Anyhoo....The cover art for my book is finally finished!! Thankds to my super little brother Tonedalle Edwards. He really did his thing, and he did it well. So drumroll please......

It looks great and I am so grateful to my brother for putting the time in and really making this turn out so great. Revitalized: Coming soon

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revitalized or Rejuvenated??

Okay so I have been tossing around to different title for Book 1 and I'm not sure which on works better. Rejuvenated or Revitalized...both mean the same but which one flows better?? Any opinions?

Book 1 is Complete

So excited to be able to say that i have completed book 1 of the High Arc Series...Rejuvenated. My brother tells me the cover art will be done soon as well and then on to publishing I go. I must admit I am very nervous, just hoping now that people love it and actually want to read book 2 which has no title yet, but is already in the making, Not sure of the exact publishing date but Rejuvenated will be available within the coming weeks...Will post the date along with the amazing cover art asap.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Set a deadline

So I have decided to start my own blog as a way to help keep me on task. The idea I have in my head is to report in whenever I finish a project and right now I am working on my first. It is my first book that i plan to self publish. My goal is to have the digital copies available within the next 3 weeks. I'm giving myself 2 weeks to actually complete the drafts and all that extra fun stuff...yay lol. Currently I have my fabulous and talented little brother working on the cover art, which I am expecting to be awesome. The preliminary sketches came out really good. I am really excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to be able to get it out in to the world. I don't know what to expect, for now I'm not expecting anything. Its this new start for myself, and right now I think the best thing to do is just soak it up.

The High Arc: Book 1  Revitalized.....coming soon to a ebook near you.