Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Laptop and a New Job

I am so excited. I just got my new laptop which means I can write more. I havent been able to stay on the schedule I set but now I feel it will be easier to stay more efficient now that it is here.

Big news!! I got a new job. Thanks to the great help I recieved from Jobs For Youth here in Chicago, I have landed a job that I really think I will be great at and love to do. This is something that I can easily see turning into a career for me. I have been telling everyone I know...and even a few I dont... to go to Jobs For Youth. If you apply what they teach you and the tips you get from the volunteers, it will be more than easy to be sucessful. I am so happy that I went!

So hopefully all the paper work will be through and I will be starting my new Job on Monday. Going to be challenging to keep it all together, but I am excited. I revamped my wardrobe with the help of one of my besties and now I can not only play the part, but I can look it as well.

Super Excited for weeks to come!

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Laptop coming

So i decided to get myself a new laptop. I have my desktop hooked to my tv and was using it as a monitor. Which was fine up until my son decided he jst wants to watch Cailou all day. So in order to stay on top of the little schedule i made for myself i am getting a laptop. I had one before but i missed my desktop and replaced it. Now i must return to it. Im getting something simple. Just so i can get my writing done and possibly go on Facebook every now and then. Great use of my income tax returns. That and of course baby shopping.
Working on book 2 and loving it so far. Most of it is handwritten so transferring it over will be fun. But im just happy to say that progress is being made.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Essay about me?

I have been asked to write a short essay about myself to be shared at JFY. I agreed to do it. But i have no idea what to write. I really seem to suck at talkin about myself. Maybe its because I really dont find myself to be all that interesting. I feel like there are plenty of people with stories that are much more exciting and entertaining than mine. Life to me has been pretty much normal. But then I have to guess thats part of the reason. To reach out and connect to normal people with normal live. A few bumps in the road, but I had to learn like everyone else not to just stop there, but to keep moving forward. Find a way to overcome it and keep going. So I am gonna most likely work on it tonight. And try to make it something people actually want to read. Thats the only goal I have as a writer.
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