Monday, August 29, 2011

always growing

I'm spending a lot of time lately working on me. I want to be successful in everything I do. Especially my writing. So I have been searching for editors to help me do what I love but do it better. And I have been signing up (soon to be attending) seminars and classes on how to accomplish that.
But its not all about honing my skill. I have been working on myself both physically and mentally. I want to be more stable. More firm. I'm losing weight which is so great. The pounds seem to falling not only off my body, but off my mind. And its easier to find that clarity that I need for my writing. Book 2 is coming along really nicely and should be done by the year end. I figure 1 book per year is a really good place for me to be in...don't want to rush the process and have regrets about not holding off (like I kinda feel about the first book). But what's done is done and I can only look to the future and the hopes of making both my work and myself so much better. Growth comes in all shapes and sizes. I growing now, and it feels great!
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