Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back Pain = Productivity

So I have been in bed for 2 days. I have inflammation of ligaments in my back. I find this out after about 2 weeks of going to both the doctor and the E.R. Now I am on a heavy cocktail of pain killers and sentenced to bed rest. Tomorrow I will attempt to go to work. I have to say that I am happy for the time I got to spend in my bed with my laptop. 

Yes my brain seemed to be lagging due to all of the medication I am taking, but once I was able to push sift through the haze, I was actually able to get some work done. Wrote another article and got some much needed edits done on G.O.R. I am currently considering redirecting my time. Maybe taking a part time job instead of a full time job. It will give me more time to do write.

And I will be able to spend more time with my son. I never realized how much I miss during the day. He is a lot more of a handful than i could have imagined. This oversight may have been my subconscious trying to prevent me from feeling more guilt over having to work 40+ hours a week. I hate that I cant always be with him, a huge reason that I want to be successful at writing.

Okay, production on G.O.R. is really going well. The December publish date is a complete scratch now. I want to spend as much time as I can making this book a great one. I did some good catch up work over the last couple days, but I want to continue to grow as a writer, and that translates into spending more time making sure that I put out quality work.

Revitalized will be redone as well. I decided to do another run through along with some help from outside readers. A new version, cleaned up and thoroughly edited will be available within the upcoming months. 

Taking time to clean up my act! (all smiles)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm an Examiner now!!

Sooo.... in order to expand my horizons and become a better writer, I applied for a job as an Examiner for and wouldnt you know it, I got it. All I could say was YAY!!! My first official article was published last week. I'm writing about something I know a little about...parenting. And with my one year old,  I am sure that I will not be running out of material.

I am so excited. This is what I really want to be doing, so its just nice to know that I will be able to share my thoughts with more people. I am really trying to be better at this "self-employment" thing. Balancing it with my 9-5 day job turned out to be a lot more work than I thought and for a while I fell off track. Now I am trying to put a plan into action that will hopefully get everything back to where I can be comfortable and productive.

Still working to finish up G.O.R. production of the cover art will begin soon and editting is in progress...I am still shooting for a publish date at the end of December or Early Janurary. Crossing my fingers and hoping my mindchild is a smashing success.

Check out my first article! Hope you like it!