Friday, April 20, 2012

New Opportunities

Over the past few months I have come across some wonderful new writing opportunities, and at this point I am jumping on every one of them. I am excited to really be able to see my career shaping into something I can be proud of ( and can actually call a carer). Soon I will be back in school and going for my degree. I have had a lot of people tell me that I do not necessarily need a degree for what I want to do, but there is something about gaining more knowledge that is currently alluring to me. Besides, I want to set a good example for future people in my place. Just because you can slide by without a degree doesn't meant you should. And under no means should you go to school just because someone says that is what you should be doing. (Trust me, I made that mistake as well.) Figure out what you want for yourself and then go for it. Full throttle. I am so glad I did, and even though it took me a few years longer than my friends, I am already feeling like a success and looking forward to the great possibilities of tomorrow.

(A little taste of the other writings I am dabbling in.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Network Meltdown

So I went to a networking event last night. I had convinced my friend to tag along with me, but unfortunately she got sick and couldn't attend. This was a major problem. I am the worst at things like this. Meeting new people causes me to panic. Long story short...I had a meltdown and like 30 minutes into the event. Needless to say I did not connect with a single person.

The problem I am having now is convincing myself to try it again. I mean the only way I will ready be successful at this is if I manage to get my banger it there and get people talking about me and my writing. So I'm going to search for another event. Hopefully something on a much smaller scale and try again. Just saying that makes my stomach churn.

On another note. All copies of Revitalized and Let Me Protect You have been pulled off the market until March 31 (hopeful publish date). I have decided that I really just want to take the time to revise and edit and make them something I am really proud of. Hopefully when they are done I won't have to cringe when I hear someone has purchased a copy.

Learning from my mistakes and hoping to grow from the lessons learned.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bring on the Momager...

So apparently I am no where near as organized with my writer world as I can be with the rest of my life. Its harder than I imagine to do the work thing with the mommy thing and the losing weight thing and top it off with trying to branch out as a writer. Time and time again things kept slipping through the cracks. So I simply reevaulated everything. And this led me to the awesome (I hope) idea of bringing in my mom to help me out.

So she will be in charge of keeping me in check and making sure I do all the things I say I will/want to do with my writing. (She has a planner and everything....oooh). And she will be on the look out for any and everything that I can participate in to help get things going. I really want to be sucessful at this. And I want my mom to take part in that.

She is an awesome mom and grandmom...but we all need something more to fill our lives with. The hopes are that this will not only help to fill both our lives, but help to make them better as well.

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