Sunday, July 21, 2013

Celebrating 1,000 likes on Facebook!

And The Winners Are…..

Thank you all so much for your love and support. I am so thrilled to have so many awesome followers joining me on my journey. Below are the list of winners from the Rafflecopter. Yes there are duplicates so check for your name throughout the entire list. 

Congrats to the winners and many thanks to everyone who contributed. Much Love to you all!


Signed bookmark and Magnet from Jake Bonsignore
1.       Sara Kinsella
2.       Shelly Barton-Lazar
Signed bookmark from Brandy Jeffus
1.       Kyla Patton
2.       Laylah Jade
3.       Shirley Williamson
4.       Jessica Ryba
$5.00 Amazon gift card courtesy of Sarah Sprinkles On Top
Suzy Clark
Signed bookmark from Ada Slowe
1.       Anne Motch
2.       Della Taraska

Ebook worth up to $2.99 from Tyler Lazar
Lori Remenicky
Ebook copy of The Boomerang Effect by Lindy Spencer
Stacy Roy-Murphy
$5.00 Amazon gift card courtesy of Omolara Henley
Amanda Jarvis
$5.00 Amazon gift card courtesy of Angela Cappillo
Amy Pollard Woolard
Ebook copy of Starving Blades by Natasha Wetzel
Shelly Barton-Lazar


Signed Revitalized Poster
Stephanie Silva
Signed Revitalized Bookmark
1.       Natasha Wetzel
2.       Myra Espino
3.       Brenda Tetreault
4.       Bobbye Hope Booth
5.       Nikki Maynardskaggs
6.       Emily McArtor
7.       Aisling Ryan
8.       Gabriela Duran
9.       Suzy Clark
10.   Mick Murphy
Hyrbid’s Tale Bracelet
1.       Merilyn Dignum
2.       Amy Pollard Woolard
3.       Yvonne Cline Simpkins
3 pack Hybrid Tales Bookmark set
1.       Stephanie Silva
2.       Della Taraska
3.       Kyla Patton
4.       Anne Motch
Signed copy of Revitalized
1.       Mick Murphy
2.       Michelle N. Downing

$10.00 Amazon gift card
Myra Espino
$25.00 Macy’s Gift card

Nikki Maynardskaggs

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Keeping it together....

Things are picking up in my little world. I have been networking and building myself up in the writing world and I am so happy for that.
Revitalized will be released on time, July 19th! And then I am off on the trail to my book signing in October. Hopefully along the way I will be able to secure a few more stores to carry the books as well a book a few more events. It is so much tougher doing this myself. I feel like all the leg work is completely on me. And I am tired, like coma inducing tired, but I am happy that I have so much to do.
Currently I am working on revising book two of The High Arc Trilogy, the first half of book three is already written. As well as jotting down notes and ideas for Syrinada. I am also making myself a nice little timeline for my writings which I will post shortly to help everyone better keep up with the madness that is my mind. I know sometimes I can jump around a bit. I would make a promise to get better, but hey, that is a promise I would quickly be breaking.
Will keep in touch and keep you up to date. Posting the link to the website in my next post!
Much love!