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Autumn Spotlight ~ Tich Brewster ~ Love Redeemed


Life is simple.
Cassie is content with what she has, a great job and wonderful friends. Everything is perfect…until Ryder appears.  She still has not forgiven him for choosing music over her eight years ago.
Ryder is a rock star, living the life he had always dreamed of.  He is not searching for love because who has time for that when you're constantly on the road.  But then his tour ends and he decides to go back home and visit an old friend.
When those old feelings resurface, will they be able to forgive and start anew?


The feel of his breath across her lips triggered those butterflies in her belly. Now they fluttered around, her belly quivering delightfully.  She watched as he licked his lips.  The movement of his tongue gliding over his lower lip made her toes curl in anticipation.

He noted how her eyes followed his tongue, lingering on his moist lips. The spark in her eyes didn’t just excite him physically.  It reached in to his very core and keyed open a door that he didn’t even know existed.

Years ago he knew he loved Cassie, he had never stopped, but this feeling that he felt at this very moment was beyond anything he had ever felt before.  This love went deeper than he could have ever imagined.

Cassie couldn’t take much more of this.  If he didn’t kiss her soon, she’d combust.  She slid her hand up his chest, his neck, and into his hair.  His silky strands falling between each finger.  “Please, kiss me,” she whispered.


Author Bio:

Tich is an Oklahoma resident and the mother of five.  Her passion for reading started at an early age when her Aunt Vicky gave her the novel Heidi for Christmas.  She didn’t start writing until middle school, after being inspired by her best friend’s short stories. “Genny’s stories weren’t just great but they inspired me to put my pen and paper to good use.”  Tich never thought of publishing her works until working with Teresa on the Royal Blood series.

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Autumn Spotlight : Rissa Blakeley


A little about Rissa:

Rissa Blakeley is a quirky freelance writer and the author of Broken Dreams, the first book in the Shattered Lives series. She lives a socially awkward life just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her amazing husband and daughter, two four-legged, furry children, and the many characters poking her brain, looking for more scenes about them in her books. When she isn't writing, she can be found procrastinating on Facebook.

1. Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

Everyday life is my inspiration. What I see, hear and feel around me. Life is an everyday sarcastic adventure for me and that's where my style comes from.

The characters that reside in my head are what lead the way. I don't plan. I just sit at my laptop and let the words flow from them to my screen. I never know what's going to happen, until it happens. I think J.R. Ward said it best when she said that she does what the Rice Krispies tell her to do. When I read that, it was spot on and made total sense to me.

2. Are zombies something that you will continue to write about or does it end with this series? What other genres are you interested in?

To start with, I'm not a fan of the term 'zombie'. It draws in a huge stereotype, and there are a lot of people against it or roll their eyes when they hear the term. I prefer using undead, as does Henry. I have been keeping a low profile about it and not blasting the 'z-word' all over the internet because I want people to read Broken Dreams for what it is, not what they think it will be. A few people who have read Broken Dreams in advance have said they have never read this type of book before and always steered clear of it, but I've changed their minds. That makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy on the inside.

I suspect that when the Shattered Lives series is finished, that will be the end of my writing with this particular type of undead. (I suppose that could be a hint as to what is in store) I do have another book started, that doesn't go with the Shattered Lives series, which is Paranormal as well. I'm keeping a lid on that for now. I'm not that far into it and I'm not exactly sure what direction it is heading yet.

Personally, I'm mostly interested in the Paranormal Romance or Paranormal Erotica genre. I do read other romance type books, but they have to be steamy to hold my attention. *wink*

3. Tell us about Broken Dreams. Elaina and Henry's story seems to have more to it than meets the eyes, is there anything you can tell our readers about their relationship that may not be expected?

Hmm... excellent question. Now to respond without giving anything away.

Henry and Elaina live what she believes is a relatively normal life, until the day Elaina's world shatters around her. Henry, on the other hand, spends his days and nights fretting over keeping his demons at bay and keeping Elaina safe. Regardless of what happens around them, her love for Henry is so strong and Henry's love for Elaina is unwavering as well. There are so many things that pull them together and tear them apart. I would say that they live and deal with real life normal relationship issues and there just so happens to be an apocalypse going on at the same time.

4. Broken Dreams sounds like it may be similar to the Walking Dead (with the traveling and band of survivors). Is this a comparison you come across often?

Well, I haven't heard that one yet, but I would totally understand why people would make that assumption. I don't believe in The Walking Dead that they know how the virus comes about, besides knowing that everyone has it. In Broken Dreams, they will. In The Walking Dead, they travel for survival. In Broken Dreams, there is a reason for their travel besides survival.

Now as for similarities... The Walking Dead is more about the human interactions and relationships rather than the blood, guts, and gore that comes with an undead tale. Broken Dreams focuses on the human interactions and relationships as well. There is enough blood, guts and some description of the gore that they face, but it's not overwhelming. There are a few times where just seeing what is happening around him, really affects Henry and his issues to the point where he questions himself. Because of his personal situation and his own demons, he only sees one way to escape it.

When you are dealing with an undead story, extra sets of eyes are always good to have around. Plus, travel is warranted, unless you're a prepper and feel you are self sufficient.

To be completely honest, if readers want to compare Broken Dreams to The Walking Dead, then I would feel honored. It's very successful, has a great story line and is entertaining in a sense that it keeps your attention.

5. Henry's haunted past comes back to bite him, is this something that can ever be resolved?

Some things about Henry can and will be resolved, other things will never leave him. He is so very broken and there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. That's as far as I will go with that before I say too much!



Elaina Cooper's world was turned upside down on her wedding day. She was about to marry Henry Daniels, the man of her dreams or so she thought. Just as she was to walk down the aisle, screams pierced the air and with that, the apocalypse had begun.
 Elaina felt something was wrong; Henry knew far too much about the undead roaming the street and she was determined to get to the bottom of it no matter what it took. Henry's haunted past catches up to him in more ways than one. He must face his demons and Elaina must learn to accept him and his past. Henry is determined to fight to the very end to make their sexy, mercurial relationship work no matter what staggers in their path.

 Along with their thrown together band of survivors, they must travel south to face Henry's haunted past. There will be joys and loss but in the end, can love hold them together?


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Autumn Spotlights - Sara Marion



Sara Marion is originally from Manhattan, KS but currently resides in Oklahoma with her husband and two dogs.

She works a full time job in the IT department for an oil company. She loves it but is very passionate about her writing. She discovered that passion while still in college and after writing a fanfiction piece.
With her new found passion she decided to write her debut novel, Breath of Life. She continues to work on the Breath of Life trilogy while filing away many stand-alone contemporary romance/drama/women's fiction/paranormal romance ideas.


Tell us what inspired Breath of Life for you. Does it in any way reflect real life for you?

The Breath of Life series was inspired by my late sister, Hidi. When she passed away I remember feelings/witnessing the grief that we saw several characters go through. I wanted to put something out there that people can relate to and find themselves in each character. In fact, each of the characters has a little piece of me that you will find in them throughout the series.

You seem to have a broad spectrum of writing styles, do you plan to share all genres with the world or are they just for your enjoyment?

I don't plan on boxing myself into one specific genre, although most of my stories will have romance one way or another (if that makes sense). I want to branch out and try various genres. I like to read everything under the sun it seems like, so I figured why not expand that into my writing and try new things.

How does being in IT affect your writing? Does it open up any new avenues or ideas for you when you are writing?

Being in the IT field doesn't really hinder my writing world or expand it. My mind is constantly splitting itself between writing and my day job. When I'm working, I tend to focus on work, but in the free time, I think about writing. There are days I can't turn my mind off of writing though, so it's hard to get those ideas down while trying to solve computer issues and software needs.  I think one day I may write about something in the IT world but who knows. Maybe a main character will be a computer nerd.

What can readers expect from you and the Breath of Life series Trilogy?

They can expect a few more twists, secrets and maybe a new woman in either Jack or Duke's life. I don't think they will be disappointed in it. As I said earlier, I want the characters to feel real and my readers really related to one, one way or another.

As far as what they can expect from me, well I have a few surprises in store as well but they can always count on a good romance tale to be told! They can also expect to see a paranormal romance series that I have just started to write along with the third book in the Breath of Life Series. I have also been playing around with the idea of expanding the Breath of Life series out with a couple more books but I will see where the story ends at the end of the trilogy!


Paxton Mercier was a trauma surgeon who was on the fast track for success. However, one night in the O.R. changes her life forever.

In a matter of months, she loses her best friend Ella, her relationship with her mother sours, and her husband, Jack, walks out on her. Overcome with pain, Paxton loses herself and finds
herself checking into a mental institution to hide away from the world.

When Jack shows up at the institution unexpectedly, Paxton finds her world in another tailspin. She struggles to hold the pieces of herself together. She feels like she has no one to turn to except the one person who never stopped caring for her, Duke Avery, Ella's husband and Jack's best friend.



Second Book in the Breath of Life Series

Choice. There is always a choice to be made. Some are easy, some are tough. When it comes to the heart, it can sometimes be the toughest choice a person will make, if it's even one at all.

Paxton Andrews and Jack Mercier hadn’t seen each other in months. When Jack showed up asking for another chance at the opening of her art gallery, Paxton said she needed more space. She knew she couldn't be with Jack, not after everything that they have been through. After the loss, the heartbreak, and the loneliness, she doesn't believe she could make herself vulnerable to Jack again.

Paxton wars with herself as she starts to fall in love with her good friend and occasional lover, Duke Avery. He's sweet, kind and thoughtful, but he's not Jack. Every inch of her heart Duke claims, Paxton questions her feelings. Does she really love him or is she trying to make up for the past? Will he still love her even though she is keeping a big secret from him?

When another tragedy strikes, Paxton finds her heart has already made its choice.


Get to know more about Sara Marion and The Breath of Life Trilogy!

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Autumn Spotlight - In The Shadows


Mia Carrington is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she killed a man, while trying to find a balance between her role as the Princess of the Light Elves and attempting to lead the life of a normal human teenager.

Too bad her dual life doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Just when she thinks that fate can't throw anything else at her, the Duchess Isobel is found on the brink of death and Mia’s boyfriend Jacoby is the only suspect.

Despite the suspicion surrounding him, Mia is sure of the innocence of the boy she loves and she is determined to prove it no matter the risk.

The problem is, the one thing that can save Isobel and clear Jacoby can only be found in the shadows of the Underworld.

Oh boy
“Grey, do you think it’s too late?”
He nods sadly. “I’m sorry, Mia, but if they have her, I’m not sure if there is anything we can really do.”
The world distorts itself around me like a Fun House mirror, making me feel dizzy and nauseated. My lungs collapse in on themselves as the furious beating of my broken heart threatens to slam right out of my ripped open chest.

“I—can’t—breathe,” I gasp as Grey pulls me into his arms and holds me close to his chest, whispering words that I don’t understand. My tears fall freely, staining his shirt with wet splotches but he doesn’t care, he continues to hold me tight, comforting me just like he has done before. I feel his lips press down on the top of my head and even though this sweet gesture is completely innocent, my stomach flips unexpectedly which in turn elicits a crashing wave of guilt that instantly squashes the butterflies that had suddenly been awakened by his simple touch, shredding their wings into powdery oblivion until they no longer have any semblance of beauty.


Erica Cope lives in Missouri with her husband and their three children. She has been writing short stories and poetry since she was a child, though Lark is her first novel.
She enjoys knitting, pretending she knows how to play her guitar, and reading pretty much anything you put in front of her.
You can find Erica on Facebook, Twitter , and she blogs at

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