Sunday, January 12, 2014

I love what I do..

I know that I am not the first person, author or otherwise, to have doubts. to wonder if what I am doing is right. I am simply trying to follow a dream. But what if this path I am currently on leads to nowhere....? I wont lie, I feel like I am drowning. Because there is so much I could be doing. So much I should be doing, and yet, I am not. I am lagging and I can't figure out why. I love being a writer and sharing my creations with the world... But I am just at a point where I am not sure if this is what I should be doing. Maybe I should be putting my time and energy and money into something else, something that will better benefit me and my son. The truth is...sales suck, and I am still at that point in this where I am spending more than I am making. And I know that is the way is works. You gotta spend money to make it. But when I sit back and compare myself to others (something I try not to do, but hell, I am human) I feel like I am falling short. I feel like my work will never receive awards or accolades and I will never be a top seller. I try to focus on the idea that this is what I love to do, regardless of the outcome...but that gets harder and harder to do.

I either have to suck it up and work harder, and do all the things that I know I should be doing, or accept that I will stay where I am... writing books, few sales and maybe every now and then I will receive a letter from someone that makes me smile. Being a writer is easy...being an author...well to be honest, right now, it kinda sucks!

I made a secret vow to myself about 2014... that I would give it my all, and if I don't see things making a more positive turn...well, I may have to rethink my current path. I am a writer, this is my journey, but perhaps my journey doesn't keep me on the path of writing books...maybe I am meant to do something else.

Seriously considering the future. Still intending to chase my dreams. But I think my dreams may be changing.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Autumn Spotlights : Julie Bailes



Julie resides in a small country town west of Nashville, TN, cooped up with her husband and three children. She’s a nursing student that decided to fire up her lap top and begin to type away, making something out of nothing. Along with her love for all things pink and glittery, she loves to compete with her husband in hunting, fishing, and four wheeling. Chocolate is her all time weakness. She lives by the motto live, laugh, love- life’s too short to live it any other way.


How do you manage to write with 3 kids? I am sure you get asked this question quite often, but how do you find the time?
Well, it's definitely not during Mommy hours. Mommy hours are from 5am to 7:30pm...LOL! I write sometimes when my daughter lies down for a nap, but usually I write after dinner, baths, homework, cuddles, and dishes are done. My hubs goes to the gym, and I escape into my writing cave, all while trying to stay away from evil social media

What is the inspiration behind your work? What gets your juices flowing?
My inspirations come from real people. Yes, my novels are fiction, but always know that there's a real person behind each main character. I like to shine light on things that are overlooked in our society. For example, PTSD in our military personal, the struggle of losing a loved one, heartbreak, abuse.... I strive to make people aware of the people that surround them on a daily basis, give them signs to watch out for. Most importantly, I want people to stop judging others, and even if I only touch one person, I've accomplished my goal; this is what motivates me.

Which of your works are you the most proud of? Which one do you like to brag on?
If I'm being completely honest, I'm proud of all of my works. If I finish a project, I'm proud of it! However, Fatal Knockout is a piece I'm working on now, and it's taking the cake. I can't wait to release it and see reader's reactions! I'll wait until it's out before I begin bragging, but I believe this is the one you'll have to clamp your hand over my mouth and tell me to shut the hell up....

You mentioned the ‘evil social media’, how do you balance time spent on sites like Facebook and Twitter with your writing schedule?
I have a Twitter and blog page that I'm never on, like ever. I pretty much stay logged in to Facebook all day long and catch my notifications as they come on. Recently I took on a PA to help with giveaways and things of that nature. My phone never leaves my hands.

It is truly inspiring that you try to bring attention to everyday life concerns. Have you ever been contacted by a person who was touched by your work? What is your favorite response that you have gotten?
Yes. I've been contacted by several people that have been touched by Shattered and Shaken, and All for Allie. Most of them relating to the heartache from losing a loved one, some thanking me for believing that one person can be in love with two people at the same time. My most favorite is from a young woman whose husband left her because she wouldn't change for him. He wanted her to be someone she's not. She has a child and she was on the verge of giving up, and not just giving up on her situation, but on life. I talked with her every day, I prayed for her, I checked in on her and let her know that life is always worth living. Becoming an author has placed people in my life that I wouldn't have ever met or been able to help if I'd never ventured out. I'm honored that I'm able to help people all around the world, and for them to know someone is there for them, even in their darkest hour. Love conquers all, and you don't have to know a person physically to show your love for humanity. Make sense?

Besides Fatal Knockout, which we are all looking forward to, (thanks for that tease!) what other upcoming projects, events, or simple awesomeness can readers be on the lookout for?
Haha! You're welcome! I am known as a teaser whore... I believe I'm an author of all traits. Lure Me will be released after Fatal Knockout, and it's a story based off of one of my great friends that lost her 5yr old son. It'll tell her struggles, the judgment she received from her co-workers, how t affected her marriage, the addiction she faces. I have a pure erotica novel Sexed Into Submission shortly after that, this is one that is purely imagination. I have some YA stories I'd like to get out, some religious pieces, and who knows what else will pop up in my insane brain


Please read Shattered and Shake (book 1) prior to All for Allie (1.5)
Mature audience only 18+
Walking away from her was the hardest decision I ever made. Leaving her without an explanation broke us both. Our hearts have been left shattered. I could make excuses. I could lay the blame on others, but still I made the decision. I had to. It was the only way to protect the both of them.
After all of Allie’s loss, my thought was only on her and her happiness. On her love and need for her big brother. I was replaceable, Kyle wasn’t. I wouldn’t allow him to crush her heart with his death. I knew I had follow him. I would throw myself on top of bombs, in front of bullets, whatever it took to get him home to her, alive. There are two sides to every story, and you’ve only heard one. Don’t be so quick to judge; I hate myself for what I’ve done. But all that I did, it was all for Allie.

18+ Mature Audience Only

Allie Anderson has encountered more heartache than any one person deserves. She's lost her father to cancer, her brother to war, and the love of her life –Wyatt - took her most prized possession and vanished without a trace. She’s left crushed and heart-broken.
Blake, Allie's best friend, is everything she needs; he'd give her the moon if she asked for it, but there's one problem - he wants Allie entirely. How can Allie give herself to anyone when she's not sure there’s enough left of her heart to give away?
Allie's life begins to fall into place. Her heart begins to heal. Being happy is no longer a foreign emotion. That is until the man who broke her years ago returns, shattering her fragile heart all over again.
Allie soon discovers that hearts are like broken glass; you can put it back together again, but it will never be the same.