Monday, March 31, 2014

A Meeting. A lesson. A Reminder to keep me.

Over the weekend I got to sit in the presence of ZANE! Okay, now I am serioulsy freaking out because I mean, I remember getting in trouble for reading her books. Zane was the word, the spice, if you said it you knew it would spark a lively conversation. No one could resist her! Hell, there was a man who sold her books on the train. Never saw a book man until Zane books hit the streets. (And yes I admit to going out of my way to meet the book man and purchase a copy a time or two during my High School days.)

While I listened to her and yes even spoke with her a bit I learned something that was so heart warming. She was down to earth and simple. When she walked in I just assumed she was another fan in the crowd. She didnt possess an attitude or have anything about her that said "Look at ME!" She entered (early) and met the people. She shook hands, took photos, and signed books. With all that she has accomplished and all that is coming (and she did drop some major bombs!), she still possess herself. A lot of people find success and lose themselves and this is not the case with her.

I write this because I honestly hope to accomplish so much, I want to take my writing and other endeavors to a higher level but I hope that when I make it there, (Yes, when not if, no maybes about it!) that I can be just as humbled. I want to keep myself, the part of me that likes simple things and is really a procrastinator. The part of myself that loves naps and to play ninjas with my son. I want to hold on to the part of myself that dreams big and hopes for a more positive outcome. I will remind myself everyday that no matter how far I make it, I came from a humble beginning and the end will be the same. Success is the outcome of hard work, taking chances and dreaming big but it should never be enough to change who you are.

You hear so often how meeting a person you looked up to, someone who you maybe even idolized, can be a let down. This was so not the case!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bad Review vs Bullying

Lately I have seen a ton of posts about how authors are being bullied with bad reviews. I do agree there are some terrible people out there who find happiness in hurting others. I will never understand this but it isnt really for me to understand.

My questions is.... where does honest opinion end and bullying begin?

I know I am not the only one recieving messages, emails, and other forms of request of people requesting the "No" vote on bad reviews. They say the people are targeting them, trolling, bullying. I have found through reading these reviews that most of them are just a person's honest opinion of what they read. And yes, I actually read the review before simply clickly no. That is the problem right? Everyone is formulating opinions based on what someone else tells them. And if I think the review isnt a form of Bullying I leave it alone.

We have to accept that everyone will not like our work. Not every takes the "If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all." stand. Some people feel (and they are correct) that they have every right to voice their opinion, good or bad, about a product that they paid for.  I have seen people say that the unsatisfied reader should just get a refund, but then won't you just start bitching about how its so unfair to read a book and then request a refund for it? Well you can't have it both ways, either you accept that bad review and move on with your life or you accept that you wont be getting paid even though this person read your book ENTIRELY. Sorry, but I would rather have their $. They hated it but I still get paid. And their opinion is valid even if I dont agree with it. Just like my opinion that they may just be an ass is also valid.

There are some valid and tragic cases of bullying out there, piss off the wrong person and they release the hounds. That is absolutely sad and should be stopped, but honestly, if you got ONE bad review, (that actually speaks on the content of your work) its not bullying.
That's just my opinion.