Saturday, April 12, 2014

Siren's Call - Full Wrap Reveal!

With one week left until the release of Siren's Call, I am thrilled to finally be able to reveal the full wrap image of the book. The cover has been shown before and it is no secret that I love it! When I received the images of the complete cover, and now that I get to hold it in my hands and truly admire it, I have nothing but praise for my awesome cover designer Cover Me Creative. I was and am simply thrilled with the awesome results. The combined images are more than what I imagined it would be. I have to take the time to thank the designer, photographer and my awesome friend and model who graced the cover. Thank you for helping me to bring this cover to life. It is even better than I imagined it would be and I think it only adds to the thrill of this book release. It is not secret that a great cover will attract readers and to pair it with what I feel is a great story (betas and reviewers agree :-) ...) has me completely overjoyed. Stepping it up to another level and it feels so good!


So...without further delay...


The full wrap cover of....


Siren's Call (Siren Series #1)



Are you ready for Siren's Call? Join in on the celebration at the Release Week Partay! Also check out Goodreads to hear what ARC reviewers has to say!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reflect, smile, move forward.

This week I feel the need to reflect (yes, I know this is nothing new). As I am counting down the days until the release of my new book Siren's Call (just 10 more days!!) my nerves are completely buzzing. I have gotten some great feedback about the story and I absolutely love the cover! The full wrap version will be revealed this Saturday (April 12, 2014). But just look at that cover!...isn't it pretty?

So as I am preparing for this release, contacting bloggers and reviewers, organizing the Release Week Partay, I can't help but think back to my first release and how I did none of this. With the first edition of Revitalized, it was completely unedited (professionally speaking) and I had, in ever sense of the phrase, jumped the gun. I didn't do my research, I had no idea what I was getting into and I have never made that mistake a secret because I know that there are so many others out there who have done and will do the same. Perhaps by voicing it, I can help someone else avoid repeating my mistake. Take the time to learn this world of Indie writing before you dive into it (that's if you choose not to go the traditional route of publishing). Pushing that book out in the state it was in was a terrible idea but it was the kick in the pants I needed and it lead me to some amazing connections that I definitely wouldn't have made had I not taken that leap. For me, though it was the wrong method of starting out, in a odd sense it was the right way for me.

So now...3 years a published writer, and just over 1 year as an actual Author (and yes there is a difference), I feel much more prepared but not a tiny bit less nervous and still slightly terrified of the outcome of this next step. And to be honest, I hope that feeling never goes away. It is exciting, the process of creating and revealing to the world your passion. It is thrilling what can come of the creative mind and I feel so blessed to be one of the people in the world who thrive to bring something new and exciting to the consumer.

Some new things are happening in my world outside of the release of Siren's Call. This month marked the official beginning of my baby IWrite, IAm (previously called IWrite or IWrite Chicago, changed the name to be all inclusive of all art forms). For the next few weeks we will be posting about our crew. Currently we are a small team but of course we hope to grow as we move forward. Visit the blog to learn about the crew in the upcoming weeks!


On the 15th of this month I will be shooting out my first ever Newsletter! I know... Thrilling!  I figure this will make it easier to give everyone updates on what is going on in my world. It is no secret that Facebook is pushing for sales per view now and if you want to be seen you have to be versatile. This means migrating to using other methods of reaching your audience. I have been told for the longest that I need a newsletter. Well, now I have one. If you want to get in on it just click here.

Another big announcement is that my Facbook Page hit over 3,000 likes! This just makes me giddy because I never even thought I would be able to make it to 300. But it happened and now it is actually over 3,200 so of course a celebration must be had. And if you want to get in on the Rafflecopter and the awesome prizes available just click here.

I am working on so much more and I will of course keep everyone updated. Right now I am just thrilled about the connections I have made and where I see my life headed. I started this journey with a bumble, a stumble, a tumble, but now I am planted firmly on my feet and moving forward. Though there will undoubtedly be a few more trip ups along the path, I know now without a doubt that I can recover and keep pushing on.

As always, I want to say thank you for joining me!