Friday, October 31, 2014



“Kendra. There is no other way. You will taste my blood, you will drink from me, and you will stop. Because if you don’t stop, I will die...” He tightened his grip. I tried to move, I should have been strong enough but the thirst, and my nature overrode my brain.
“I don’t understand why you are doing this.” I sobbed.
“I am doing this because you have to learn! You have to be in control. You cannot let your thirst control you or Malik will not be the last one to die by your hands. Is that what you want?” He knew it wasn’t, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I didn’t want to take any more lives.
“No.” I knew he was right. I thought about that hiker in the woods, the first victim of my lack of control. There was no way I could continue on this path or I would definitely become the beast that everyone feared so much. I had to find a way to hold on to my humanity. “Okay. I’ll do it, just, please don’t move.”
“Okay.” He took a deep breath and held it.
I eased in to him. I tried to hold my breath as well, to limit the scent that was still overwhelming me, but the moment I parted my lips to taste him, it sent me reeling. I bit down on him and begin to drink; I felt him tense up for a second and then relax. His blood flowed easily into my mouth, across my tongue and down my throat, infusing me with the musky flavor of man that emanated from him.
“Okay, enough. Stop now.” he stated firmly, his voice sounded far off but I heard him. I wanted to continue, to let the fury take over, but at that very moment, I got a flash of the man in the woods, the vampire in my bedroom, and then a glimpse of Max with that same empty look in his eyes. With that image, I shut everything off and pushed myself away from him. I flew half way across the kitchen and fell to my knees. I held myself there, and managed to take deep calming breaths, but the air was still thick with the scent of his blood.
“The blood, you have to clean it up, I can still smell you.” My body jerked, the thirst trying to move me back to feed on him. The wolf in me was holding me back to save Max. Max scrambled to find a towel but was coming up empty and I was losing my hold on myself.
“A little vampire saliva helps that.” Marc said from the kitchen door where he leaned against the frame.
“What the hell?!” Max growled. He covered his neck where the blood leaked.
“No need to be embarrassed. I completely agree with you. My little sister needs to learn to control those urges. But vampire feeding lesson number one, if you want to close that wound up, end the feed and get your thirst back under control, all you really need is one lick.” He held up a finger and licked it with the tip of his tongue.
“You are not licking me!” Max glared at Marc. He had finally found a towel and was pressing it against his neck, using pressure to staunch the blood flow.
“Ugh, gross, not me, her.” Marc pointed at me, still crouched in the corner like a rabid animal.
“I can’t.” My voice was deep, the thirst still strong. My back arched and I pressed further into the wall.
“Well you have to, or he will die.”
“The cut isn’t that bad, he’s not going to die.” I spoke with choppy breaths trying not to breath too much of Max in.
“Oh, he will die, because I haven’t had a meal yet today and the first thing I smelled when I opened my eyes was fresh blood. Maybe I will have a drink and maybe I won’t be able to stop, maybe I won’t want to stop. I’ve never had wolf blood before. I hear it’s incredible, hard to stop once you get going.”
“You would never.” I growled, feeling defensive, entitled, Max was mine.
“Oh, wouldn’t I?” Marc flashed and in a moment was standing behind Max with his fangs out.
“Stop!” I tensed as he licked his lips.
“No! You stop me if you want to save your boyfriend. Grow up and stop acting like a coward!” He bared his fangs and challenged me, giving me one more chance to react but I couldn’t make myself move.
“Stop, please.” I pleaded, trying to appeal to his brotherly side, the side that would never hurt me. It was no use.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Excerpt Countdown to ANEW!!! 2 days!


Just a few minutes passed, and Max returned. He ushered me inside, and told Marc he had to wait outside of the door. His kind was not allowed on the wolves’ sacred ground. Marc shot me a questioning gaze but I shrugged it off. There was nothing else we could do. Besides that, my curiosity was sparked by all of the unexpected confusion. Technically, I wasn’t their kind according to all of their remarks so why was I allowed inside. It didn’t matter; there was no way I could leave without finding out more.
Once inside, I found a small man sitting on the floor, legs crossed Indian style. He looked old and fragile. I imagined one strong gust of wind, possibly even a gentle breeze, could break him like a twig. His body had long since passed the point of being able to handle a turn. Slowly, he lifted his hand and gestured to the open spot on the floor in front of him. I hesitated for a moment before I decided to take a seat.
He reached across the small area between us and grabbed my hand. With a stick, he spread what looked like tar across my palm. There was a candle on the floor between us. With no physical interference, it suddenly lit. One word came to mind, witch. I guess the proper term would actually be warlock considering this was a man but I could smell his scent now and I knew that he was no wolf. He was human and his smell reminded me of my father’s friend, the woman who created my elixir.
He positioned my hand, palm up over the flame and began a rhythmic chant. I waited impatiently as nothing happened. As I was about to remove my hand and get up to leave, the air in the room stopped moving. The flame no longer flickered, but was a still point underneath my hand. The heat spread on my skin up along my arm and began to penetrate me. I could feel the fire dancing across my bones. I wanted to cry, move away but I couldn’t; I was frozen. I looked across to the man who sat still, chanting and looking at me. His eyes became smoke filled orbs and the sound of his voice turned from a soft murmur to a piercing shrill that caused my ears to ache. The tar began to boil and bubble in my palm, I felt its heat, but it didn’t actually burn me. It danced in black circles across my hand and my eyes became locked on its movement.
In the movement of the tar, I witnessed what I would have previously thought impossible. I was watching a scene as it was being played out like a mini movie in my palm. Two figures appeared tall in liquid movement. One was a wolf and one a vampire. They fought each other to contain the same space. Each trying to force the other off the edge but in the end the two fused together. The figure that they formed seemed normal, even human, but it was unstable. Every so often, it would shift to reveal one of its two selves, but it would never remain, as the other would battle to be at the forefront.
The old warlock stopped his chanting and the tar fell to cover the inside of my palm. I watched it as the bubbling stopped and then the substance disappeared. It absorbed into my skin with a burning sensation. I tried to wipe it away, to stop the fire beneath my skin but it was useless. I looked to the old man to try to ask for his help. He pointed to my palm and then to me. ”You are cursed child.” That is all he would say. No matter how many times I asked him to elaborate on his statement that is all he would say. I would never hear the voice of the old man again as he turned from me and got up to leave disappearing behind a curtain at the back of the small room opposite of where I entered.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reader's Favorite 5 Stars for Siren's Call ~ 2014 Rocked!

To some this label may not mean much at all. But to me this 5-star seal happens to mean quite a bit. I have been hearing about Reader’s Favorite for about two years now from other local Chicagoland authors. Tales of how great it is to have this amazing seal to post on your books. How avid readers and book clubs recognize the meaning behind it. So of course, after hearing such amazing things about it, well I wanted to have one of my own. I wanted to be able to proudly display my books with a 5 star seal of approval because to me it stood for more than one reviewer’s opinion. It stood for the beginning of something more, something greater and the continuation of my dream.

To set a goal and reach for it and actually achieve it is an Amazing feeling and this year, I have done that time and time again. I have to admit that the release of Siren’s Call changed my world as an author. I fell in love with Syrinada’s story and I put my all into it. I am happy to say that it has been my most successful to date. I believe the readers can just tell how much I loved the book while writing it and how much extra time and energy I put into creating the story and making sure it was just as amazing as I imagined it. This is something I will continue to do with all of my works but to really feel the fire as I was writing it was so amazing and to feed it as I did was a life lesson I truly needed. 

I started this year with a list of goals, a short one. It was necessary for me to write it all down and stick to it. It helped me to keep focus on why I am doing all of this. I want to be more than just another writer, I want my name to be known and my characters to be loved. 

My 2014 Author Goals

1.       I wanted my book to rank. Not only did that happen but I had a short time one the TOP 50 list of Paranormal Authors! WOO!
2.       I wanted to sell at least one book per day for the year. A small goal which would mean 365 (paperback / ebooks) for the year. And I surpassed that goal very early in the year. Happy to say I did no FREE promotions, a few $0.99 days but most of my sales were actually full priced copies!
3.       I wanted to achieved 20 ~5 star reviews for Siren’s Call on and as of yesterday that has happened!
4.       I wanted to go to Printers Row. I went and I rocked it out with Siren’s Call!
5.       I wanted to get the 5 star seal from Reader’s Favorite

That is another goal to check off my list. Next year hasn't begun but I am already making my list of achievements. I am claiming my wins right now. 2014 was awesome. Yes there have been a few bumps in the road but I wouldn't change anything. I have learned so much and I continue to grow as an author. It is because of my awesome support team and the amazing friends that I have made over the years that I continue to grow and improve. That is all I aim to do.

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Siren’s Call is a mythological fantasy written by Jessica Cage. Syrinada is just an ordinary young woman, as far as she’s concerned. She’s an orphan and was raised by her Aunt Noreen. Everything changes when she’s attacked on her way home by a van load of thugs. The leader injects her with a drug, and, when she awakens, she’s in a grubby room with her captor. When he begins to assault her, Syrinada watches in horror as he explodes. She’s become obsessed with her attackers, and begins to hunt them down with a weird and inexplicable sexual tension and hunger. Her friend, Malachi, tells her that he knows what’s going on with her. He and his brother, Demetrius, have been watching over her as her guardians. Syrinada, Malachi explains, is a siren whose mother fell in love with one of the sirens’ mortal enemies, a warlock. Syrinada’s mother died, but her father is still very much alive and is but one of many enemies intent on harming her.

Jessica Cage’s mythological fantasy, Siren’s Call, is an entertaining and fast-paced novel that grabbed my attention from the minute I started reading it and held it throughout the story. Syrinada is feisty, stubborn and a lot of fun to read about. The mythological story behind Siren’s Call is compelling and well-plotted. Malachi and Demetrius are solid supporting characters, and their rivalry over Syrinada is tense and dynamic. I enjoyed watching Malachi coach the newly awoken siren in Syrinada, who’s quite unable at first to resist seducing and destroying just about any man she encounters. Their trip to Louisiana is beautifully described, especially the boat trip the three of them take to visit the seer, Cecile, in her cabin in the swamp. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Siren’s Call is highly recommended.

If you haven’t already, pick up your copy of Siren’s Call HERE.