Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Promoting and Marketing is Key!

I have never hidden the fact that this journey for me is definitely one of learning as I go. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started and over the years I have learned many important things. One of those things is that Marketing and Promoting your books is absolutely pertinent to the success of those books. Of all of my book babies Siren's Call has been the one I have done the most legwork with. This last month I did a bit of a a test. I made the decision to put more of my efforts toward promoting my work this year and so I put out a few promotion spots for Siren's Call. I noted when each spot went live and how it affected sales and ranks.

Through Amazon's Author Central I was able to track the progress of the book and see what happened. I am sure there will be no surprise in what I found...

I don't think it is at all a shocker that during the time I completely stopped promoting this book the rank dropped drastically but the moment those sites started to produce the ads I placed and send out my book in emails... It jumped. No I am still not a top 100 ranker. And no I didn't expect that as I didn't use one of those instant over night placements but for the little I did and on the small networks I used this is a major improvement. At its lowest point, Siren's Call came in at #529,671  ... which is basically at the level of invisibility for books and to think there are some lower, ranked in the MILLIONS! (I have been there and one or two of my titles are there now.)BUT the next day with promoting jumped up to #28,395. Sales were in the double digits and I was doing a happy dance. Trust me there was fear that I had gone out and spent money and wouldn't get a hint of return on investment and sometimes that is the case in the game. 

It looks like the saying is still true (as if there were any doubt)... You gotta spend money to make money!

Promote! Promote! Promote!