Thursday, July 9, 2015

Introducing Jessica Victoria

Introducing... Jessica Victoria

As I grow as an author I want to explore different voices. Jessica Victoria is a new pen name under which I will write. Under this name I will publish works of fiction that are not Paranormal. I will also continue to publish under Jessica Cage but this way I wont confuse readers when they pick up a book expecting vampires and wolves and find a romantic page turner with undertones of hilarity. 

What to expect from Jessica Victoria?

An echo of my life as a single woman in my twenties to begin with. I will also be exploring the world of comedy. I love being able to laugh and make others laugh so to be able to now do that with my writing is an amazing opportunity. If you have read any of my books (and if you haven't just click up ahead fror links), you may have already noticed a bit of my silly side within the pages. Well now you will get much more of that with some sass, romance, and a bit of heat. 

i am so excited for this new change in my journey and even more excited to be able to share it with all of you!

A bit of Nia & Knight. The first book to be expected from Jessica Victoria...

Nia & Knight

Let me start first by saying this... I am done with dating. I'm tossing my hat out the window, take away my dance card. This shit is for the birds!

How many time had I heard those words slip through my lips and not even I believed them my damn self? Why didn't I believe my own proclamation? I'm one of those people who wants love. I want to be loved and to be loving all up on someone. I want romance and comfort. Fancy nights out and lounging on the couch, I want all of that. The problem is that I have a hideous track record when it comes to dating. I keep attempting to do better, be more selective, Think Like A Man, but none of that has worked for me thus far.

Here I am nearing 30 and still single. All of my friends, well most of them, are either in steady relationships or heading down the aisle. I can't tell you how many wedding invitations I have gotten in just the last few months alone. It's ridiculous! It's like they are all tossing their happy little lives in my face and then asking me to fork over upwards of $200 on a damn dress and gift. The nerve!  But dammit if that isn't exactly what I want to be doing to their asses.

I'm just tired of the struggle. They say that there are so many fish in the sea but most of them are not worth the time it takes to bait the hook. Okay so yeah I'm going to do a bit of complaining along the way. I'll tell of some of the crappy dating scenarios I've been in and  oh... you are going to laugh. This story however isn't about all that. This story is about how I met the one. My name is Nia and dammit if I didn't find my Knight!