Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Award Winning Author.... who... ME?

As I review the final pages of Siren's Test which is due to release in October of this year, I get a message that went along the lines of, "Congrats on your award!". To which I responded, "I won an award?" Yes, complete and utter confusion. It would seem that the daring move I took just 6 months ago actually paid off!

I entered my book, Siren's Call (The Siren Series, book 1) into the Readers Favorite International Award Competition for 2015.... and  it WON! Silver Medal, 2nd place for MY book baby, Siren's Call. I could hardly contain my joy. Of course I said I would hold off on sharing the news and of course only moments later would I blasted the pages, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook... with the amazing news. How could I not? I was eager to share it. This is my first major award for my work. Yes I have been nominated time and time again but never have I actually walked away with a prize. This time, I did just that!

Excuse for a moment the picture. This was all I could capture before the site got bogged down with heavy traffic and it became impossible for me to log back in and get a proper screen shot. BUT there it is! Silver Medal Winner!!!!  As I move into this next phase of my writing, tiptoeing into a new genre, this gives me such joy and motivation. The way I feel with what I am working on now is exactly how I felt while writing Siren's Call and just look at how great that turned out! 

I am so proud right now, so filled with joy! Yay again for Siren's Call!!! 

Award winning author....Yeah BABY!!!!