Thursday, November 19, 2015

Research, research, and more

Recently, I have found myself flailing...again. What do I mean? I hit a good run and then boom, plateau. This has been a steady thing for me. Over the past few years I've noticed this pattern. I'm not consistent enough. This must change, but old habits die hard as they say.
I'm diving into a serious of books, sessions, and networking events which I will post reviews and updates about here for whoever to see. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling a bit flustered. My book babies are doing well. Much better than the past, but now is the time to push harder and forge ahead.

Update on projects:

The Fire Within is with Beta readers! Round one brought back some amazing feedback and I'm am so thrilled with the process. I love how much my writing has improved and I love it even more when readers confirm that.

The Sighted Series is now in full motion. Book two, which will be a lot longer than the first, is under way. I'm spending time now reading the first portion (and doing a bit of cleaning on the file as I go) to get back in tune with all of the characters. Book two will be awesome! I'm thrilled to get back into the world of ghost and ghouls.

Nia & Knight has stalled a bit because I intended for this to be a non paranormal read but... Damn it if vampires aren't lurking in the corners. Now I'm struggling with where to go with it. I'll give it a few weeks, let it simmer but I'm sure the true nature of these #cagedfantasies will come out to play. Hell, its been a while since I've written about blood suckers anyway.

Check back in later!