Thursday, January 28, 2016

Don't fool yourself. Stop making excuses.

I read an interesting bit of text today that said writers fool themselves by using the excuse of writers block for lack of motivation. That this is a sign of not having discipline and consistency. I don't think that anyone reading this will be stunned by the fact that without discipline you cannot have consistency and without consistency, there will be no sustainable success. Oh, there will be high points, but how often will they happen? How can you be successful when the only constant in your life is excuses for why you aren't doing the things you need to be doing?

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A lot of writers will tell you that when they hit a block they power through it. I, myself, I used that time to focus on other works. This was great for my other projects but it caused my writing to be halted. For a long time, I would just say that it meant it was time to do something else. As long as I was being productive, well that was all that mattered. That, however, is just another excuse. The words are there, always, sometimes it is just a bit more difficult to grasp them. So what am I to do to change this? Well, follow suit of all of the wonderful, successful authors I know. Set scheduled times to write and in that time, do NOTHING else. Get the words down, out, done. The hard part for me lately, as it would seem, has been focusing on my writing when I have so many other pursuits that I am looking to chase down.

After reading that text, I realized that, by putting my writing on hold, I was setting a pattern of inconsistency. I need to finish what I started. So yes, I will still be writing, perhaps a bit less than before but I will continue. Why? Well, it's simple, if I turn away from my writing even just for a moment just because the words became a tad bit difficult to capture, what else will I turn away from in times of difficulty? This will echo across every aspect of my life. That is not a trend I want to set, not a pattern I want to continue.

I have said through my last few post that I am on a personal growth journey. That means a lot of reflecting on my life, my habits, my personality, and all of the things that intermingle. It is difficult to look at yourself and see flaws, even more so to share them with the world. At least for me, it is a way to hold myself accountable for the continued progress of my journey. Be it for just the few people who have reached out to me and thanked me for my posts it is all worth it.

So I ask you, to take a moment and think about the patterns in your life, the habits that cause for a negative ripple to cross all areas of your life. Even the little things that seem like they aren't hurting much. What can you do to change those patterns? Who can you look to for your example?

Part ways with your excuses and open your arms for the successes to come!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Recognition, Awards, Motivation

I am so happy to be able to share that my book baby, Anew, The Hybrid Tales, brought home an award over the weekend! For the second time, one of my books was nominated by the awesome Reviewers at the Paranormal Romance Guild. Last year it was Siren's Call, which I found out about late in the game and wasn't quite able to pull in votes in time. Still I was happy for the nomination, for the recognition of my work.

To be able to say that once again the reviewers thought my work awesome enough to deserve such a mention was an  amazing feeling, and on top of that, to have the readers race in to vote and take Anew to the top, was even better!

So what does it mean to win an award? That is what I have been thinking about since I received the email last week informing me that I was in the running. What weight did this nomination and possible win have on my journey?

To me, it means that I am connecting with readers and leaving an impression on them. One that causes them to remember my work. It means that I have succeeded in my goal as an author to provide readers with something that they can enjoy, something that brings them pleasure. It means that my determination to grow and improve as an author over the past years has actually paid off! What better feeling than proof of personal growth and development?

This year, and the next few years to come,  I will be switching my focus a bit for the book world. My plan is to slip a bit back on publishing and more into building my platform, IWrite, IAm. Yes, I will still be writing, but I will be taking a lot more time in between producing those books. This award, this nomination, not only makes me feel like I have made the right decision but allows me comfort. I, like so many others out there, suffer from that nagging fear of being forgotten. If I step back to far, who will remember me, who will care when I return?

Thank you to everyone who voted, and a bigger thanks to the reviewers who nominated Anew!

What's to come for me? 

The Fire Within will release in the coming weeks. I have a soft release date for Valentines weekend but that may change.

The First IWrite, IAm book talk will happen at the end of February at a local High School. So excited for a chance to connect with young literary minds!

Books Are Bigger In Texas Author Event! So excited to be returning to Houston Texas with my book babies. Come on out and say hello!