Thursday, August 18, 2016

Author Review: Once Upon A Book Author Signing

This past weekend I attended the Once Upon A Book signing, and I had an amazing experience! This signing was hosted by the awesome Stacey Rourke in Frankenmuth, MI. Let me tell you this place looked like something straight out of a TV show. I felt like I was walking down the streets of Gilmore Girls during one of their town events! It’s a place everyone has to visit! 

But the signing. OH, the signing! It was amazing! (I think I said that already) There were wonderful readers and authors and it felt like family. Everyone was so kind to one another and so ready and open to making new and lasting friendships. Not only did I get to meet so many new people, but I was able to finally meet face to face, so many of the wonderful people I have been friends with online for many years.
I often try to bring along a friend or family member to share in the experience with me. Honestly, these events are much too wonderful to keep to myself. This time around, to the wonderful city of Frankenmuth, I brought along fellow author and friend, Evangeline Lacey.  Can I just tell you that her enthusiasm was intoxicating? She is a true social butterfly (something this author is still struggling with) and she made so many connections during the event. We are both so thrilled about possibly attending again next year. Next year she will be a signing author!

But what was so amazing about the event? Was it the incredible coordination? The seamless timeline, the outings with authors, or was it the karaoke? Maybe it was the ball! Yes, I got to dress up like an evil queen adorned with snakes and all! It's not hard to guess, but I loved it! Stacey and I made evil look so darn good!
Me with the wonderful Stacey Rourke! Queens of Evil! 

Honestly, it was none of the above, though all added to the overall enjoyment of the event, the true blue amazing part, was getting to meet so many amazing READERS! They were the best group, so friendly and cheerful and they embraced each author equally. I had so many conversations about the book world and even did a few on the spot author interviews where readers were genuinely interested in getting to know more about me and where I came from and what inspired me to become an author. Trust me, that is a story I now love to tell! Can you say sci-fi Saturday?

Anyhoo… before I get too far off topic, I just wanted to really take a moment and give a big shout and express my appreciation to Stacey Rourke for hosting this wonderful event, for the authors who felt more like family, and for the readers, who make drive 4.5 hours with total head congestion completely worth every minute!

This event was one of the best I have attended thus far and I cannot wait for the next one!