Thursday, September 1, 2016

Siren's End is coming - Excerpt -Siren's Test Chapter 1

As I gear up for the release of Siren's End, I want to share a bit of book two with you all! Syrinada is returning and her story has taken an unbelievable turn! I cannot wait for everyone to read it! While we wait for the release (October 12th!!!!) here is a bit of the second book! Chapter 1 of Siren's Test! 


“Malachi?” My knuckles tapped lightly on a door made of a material that closely resembled a mixture of wood and metal. Though it had only been a few days, my body felt as though an eternity had passed since I’d been separated from Malachi. I was told by an overbearing woman named Chaney that he needed his time alone. She made it sound like I would only make matters worse for him. Against her orders and with some ingenuity, I’d managed to escape confinement and found my way to Malachi.
The interior of the room was completely dark. Everything else in the underwater palace glowed with an unnatural light, while Malachi’s domicile was completely pitch-black. The magical element was completely snuffed out. He didn’t answer me, although I knew he was there. My ears picked up the sound of his deep breaths, and his eyes weighed heavily on my flesh, leaving a trail of heat wherever he looked at me.
“Are you okay?” I spoke to hear my own voice more than to gain his response. My stomach turned as I floated forward. “Malachi?” I called his name again.
“What are you doing here?” His voice was low and sinister, and completely broken.
“I wanted to see you.” I crossed into the darkness and was dragged down at least a few inches by a new physical weight, which caused the tip of my tail to rub against the floor. The space inside the room felt more like the water in the human realm. What was causing that effect? Was it him?
“I told them to keep you away.” His words plunged into my chest like a dagger. It was his request that we be kept apart. Why would he want us to be separated?
“I was told that.” The lie was an effort to hide how much his words has hurt me. It was better if he thought that this was another case of me just being hard-headed. It wasn’t the first time I had disobeyed his orders, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to believe.
“Why can’t you ever do as I ask?” There was a slight tone of humor, not much, but enough to give me hope for the hidden man.
“Why would you ever expect me to when it is not what I want?” I moved closer still towards the sound of his voice.
“You have got to be smarter than this!” His growl halted my approach for just a moment. The softened sigh that followed those strong words gave me courage to continue moving forward.
“Smarter than what? You’re my friend and you’re hurting. I wanted to be here for you, to help you.” How could he expect anything else from me? Did he honestly believe that I would ever be able to just turn and walk away from him?
“You can’t help me, Sy.” I was close enough to feel the change in the water as he moved.
“And why not?” I pushed myself forward, deeper into the darkness.
“Stop.” This was a warning; Malachi thought it was unsafe for me. I could never believe that to be true.
“Why are you hiding from me?”
“You really need to go.” The glow of his eyes reached me and comprehension began to set it in.
“Malachi,” I felt it then, my entire body seized and my head fell back. Heat burned against my flesh as my tail began to unravel. I panicked but I could do nothing about it. I was frozen. Legs anew, hung beneath me as my eyes caught him moving forward. “What the hell?”
“This isn’t supposed to happen. You aren’t supposed to be able to be here like this, like me.” Malachi walked forward and with each step came a dim glow of red that allowed me to see him. The man I saw only once before, the monster, his demon. His face was distorted, but not completely, it was still him. Wearing not a stitch of clothing, he circled me and I kept my eyes on him as much as I could. His hand caressed my thigh and I moaned from the feeling. It was like fire burning me, but at the same time turning me on in ways I never thought possible. He stopped in front of me. “Sy.”
“What is this?” Voice trembling, I sought his face again as he moved to stand in front of me.
“You are mine that is what this is.” He grabbed my legs; my feet still had not yet touched the surface of the floor, pulled me to him and wrapped my limbs around his waist. “You belong to me Syrinada.” He spoke in a low growl that frightened me, but I could never want to pull away from him. Instinctively, my arms wrapped around his neck as I pressed myself against his body. I still couldn’t bring myself to promise him this bond, but I needed him in a way I hadn’t realized.
He held me in place, his hands firm around my hips as if waiting for a response. He sighed with frustration when it did not come. My teeth dug into the flesh of his neck as he took me as his own. Standing in the dark underwater, Malachi filled me to my limits. I cried out his name in response to each thrust, each welcomed intrusion. I ran my hands across his leathered flesh and dug my nails into him. We continued on, varied positions and stances, for an indeterminable amount of time. When we finished with each other, the light had returned to the interior of the room and Malachi placed the charm around his neck, returning him to his merman form. My tail, which matched his gold and red hues, reformed beneath me.
“What happens now?” I watched him as he ran his fingers along the length of his tail. Would he ever truly be okay again?
“Now, you will do what you came here to do. You will go get your stone.”
“How do we get there?” I perked up, finally we could take action. Under water living wasn’t as enjoyable as one might hope. It would be nothing better than to be able to leave and go home.
“No, I won’t be going with you, Sy. It’s just going to be you. This is something you have to do without me.” Neither of us wanted it to be true but his tone wasn’t a joking one.
“Wait, how am I supposed to do this without you? I don’t know anything about this place, and I damn sure don’t know enough to go off on some search for a missing stone by myself.”
“You will be fine. You have already proven your strength and your power. Now is the time to put those two things to use.” Malachi had faith in me, a blind faith that was not mirrored by my own feelings.
“But, I thought you would go with me.” I was afraid of the idea of going it alone and knew there was nothing he could do to change the way things were, but foolishly, I still wanted him to try.
“Mermen are not allowed along the passage of the stone. There is a guide that will be assigned to you, another siren who will assist you, but she too can only go so far. Your journey is your own, Sy. You will have help along the way, but the end result, whether you succeed or not, is entirely up to you.”
“Why didn’t you tell me all of this before?” I rolled my eyes unable to hide my frustration.
“Would you have come if you’d known?” He challenged with a smile.
“Yeah, right.” He laughed softly and my stomach lurched.