Monday, November 14, 2016

Eavesdropping on a private conversation with Malachi

Every now and then I drop in on my characters. Sometimes at moments I am sure they didn't intend for me to be privy to. Usually I keep these moments to myself but I couldn't help sharing this juicy snippet of a conversation between Malachi and a friend. I didn't quite catch his name.

Malachi: You know, I can’t believe I am even talking to you about this.
Unidentified person: Why is that?
To be honest, it just seems so ridiculous, all of it. It makes no sense.
Why do you say that?
Okay, don’t start with the psych questions. (laughter)  I’m supposed to protect her; I’m supposed to keep her safe. That is what I have been told for as long as I can remember. I’ve done that. I’m damn good a protecting that woman and she isn’t even aware. She doesn’t want my help. I don’t know why, she needs it! She needs me and she refuses me.
Okay, lets pause, Malachi. I know that you are hurt by things that have happened, and I’m sure we will get into all of that, but maybe we should think about who you are.
What about me?
What drives you, what inspires you? Outside of her.
Family. I am who I am because of family. The people I love are the ones who drive me to keep moving forward.
You mean your brother, Demetrius.
 Him, yes, he is blood. We are the only ones left of our bloodline, but it doesn’t stop there. Over the years my family has grown to include more than just him. We have people out there who care for us, and look out for us. If not for them, their selflessness when dealing with two kids like us, well, I wouldn’t be sitting here today with you.
Two kids like you, care to expand on that?
We aren’t your average mermen. There is more to us, our father was different and our mother was shunned for loving him and for having children with him. The community, they aren’t too big on mixing species, but you know that already. Look at what they are doing to her, Syrinada, and she has no idea what she is facing with them.
Is that why you are so hesitant to take her there? She will have to go there, eventually if she is ever going to succeed. We both know what troubles lurk ahead.
Yes, I am well aware of the dangers. Demetrius is very vocal about it as well. She isn’t ready. I know she isn’t.
When do you think she will be ready?
I don’t know.
I hate to say this, but you better figure it out and soon. There are troubling rumors out there. Movement in areas that have been dead for a long time. It’s because of her, you know that.
Yes, I know. It won’t be long before we have enemies banging on the front door.

You’re damn right. Better make sure they are reinforced.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Letter from Syrinada

Digging through some old papers, I stumbled across a tattered piece of paper, a letter from Syrinada. 

I have no idea who will ever read this, but I hope that it is found. I hope that it helps you to understand…
I never wanted any of this. Hell, I didn’t even know that this world existed. Everyone acts like I am either some great savior for people who barely want me to exist, or that I will destroy everything I touch. To be honest, with the way things are going, it feels much like the latter is the truth. Here I was thinking that my life was an average life. I went to school, got my degree and went to work. That is what I was taught to do.  All I wanted was normality. I basically grew up a foster kid, the daughter my aunt never seemed to want. She was family, the only family I had, of course she was obligated to care for me. I could see it in her eyes damn near every day, she didn’t want me. She wanted something else, something better, something more. I was a reminder of all that she gave up, all that she could never have.
I tried so hard to make her happy, to become successful. I wanted her to feel like she didn’t waste her time raising me. She deserved her own family, her own life, but there I was. The orphaned niece and she took care of me out of a promise to my dying mother. Talk about a load to bear.
Here I am now, months after being snatched up on the street and taken away. That night will never leave my mind, the terror I felt is embedded in my memory. The way that I escaped… I never knew what existed inside of me. I never knew the power. She never told me. And when I went to her, to ask the question, she denied me. There is no way that she didn’t know, there is no way that I am this creature and she was unaware.
The truth, always comes to light. The truth, as difficult as it may be to understand, it needs to be known. I needed to know.
I’m locked away now, in this home of a friend who clearly wants to be more than that. He says it’s for my benefit and though I know that he is right, I cannot stay here. I must get out, find the truth for myself. There is so much more to my story, so much more to the past that I must know. I am done being locked away, lied to, and made to feel like I am not enough.
There are people out there, the ones that hurt me that night. I will find them and they will lead me to the truth. It all seems connected; it has to be. This wasn’t a random act of violence. It was intentional, I know it. Malachi wants me to do this his way, learn and grow and be what he wants me to be. I am not clay to be molded by the any hands other than my own. If the fires of hell are reaching up, ready to grab hold of me, there is no way that I am just going to sit here and wait to burn.